Our mission is to connect families

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Family is everything
In a world that’s always on-the-go and where families are increasingly dispersed, we all want to stay connected. But it’s just not that easy to carve out time for meaningful updates and catch-ups.
Life gets in the way
Kids, work, school, pets and vets – the list goes on and on and we haven’t even mentioned your well deserved me-time. Our busy lives can make it difficult to stay connected, and Tribery’s mission is to bring us back together.
Nobody should be left behind
Especially not our elders.
All the communication tools we use to keep each other in the loop aren’t always accessible to older generations. We’re bridging that gap by creating a new medium for family updates, one that’s as intuitive for youngsters to use as it is for the older generation to enjoy.
It’s normal to feel guilty
That little jolt that we get when we realize we forgot to call, text or send news to our loved ones is totally normal.